Ohio Online School

Isn’t it about time your education revolved around your life, instead of the other way around?

At TRECA Digital Academy, a K12 online school for Ohio based students, you are constantly connected to your teachers and your academic advisor. While your schedule is customized to your life and skill set, you are never on an academic island. You have access to help 24-7, online and one-on-one. As a TDA student, you are provided with the necessary technology, internet access and training to stay connected. By using Jigsaw, Skype or your TDA iPhone, you can always reach out to teachers or other students just like you.

At the end of your academic journey you will be awarded the same diploma as students in brick and mortar schools. Your credentials will be accepted by universities, colleges and the military.

What’s more, TRECA allows you to get ahead of your classwork, make up a class or get the required credits to graduate—even if you’re not a full-time TDA student. Through the iCredit Program, TRECA offers individual course options to all Ohio students, grades 7-12. So, whether you want to take an online Global Language course or need to retake Algebra II, the iCredit Program is a great option.

Our Mission

TRECA Digital Academy inspires students to achieve excellence through customized educational experiences.

To achieve this mission, TDA uses the following guiding principles:
  • The state of Ohio standards are used as the platform for which we align, assess and organize all units.
  • All students will work toward the same standards, but we recognize that not all students acquire skills and knowledge at the same rate.
  • Intervention strategies are in place to identify students who are not progressing adequately, and enrichment opportunities will be available to those students progressing at an accelerated pace.

We believe that all students have the opportunity to succeed when given the opportunity to learn. By setting high expectations, our goal is for all of our students to reach higher levels of achievement. TDA does not wish to replace traditional schools, but augment educational opportunities. Our guiding principles are based on the belief that time is the variable and outcome is the constant.