Goals of Curriculum

TRECA Digital Academy is dedicated to providing a positive online learning environment that enables all students to:

  • acquire the knowledge, skills, and judgment to learn independently
  • participate intelligently, justly, and responsibly in life
  • progress towards graduation at an individualized pace

Our Instructional Design

TRECA Digital Academy provides online instruction to students K-12 with several calendar options. Depending on the learning styles of students and each student’s demonstrated strengths or weaknesses, teachers work with students and their families to meet students where they are and help them grow to reach their academic goals. The Ohio Core State Standards adopted by the Ohio Department of Education guide the instructional design of TDA’s curricula.

All students in grades K-6 receive core instruction through the use of Compass Learning Odyssey online content. Students in grade 7-12 receive core instruction through the use of Edmentum Plato Courseware. At both primary and secondary grade levels, highly qualified teachers manage and actively manipulate the Compass and Plato content to support student learning and growth. Our teachers do this based on their expertise of grade level and general needs of students to ensure that differentiated, top-notch course content is delivered to students at every login. Students are engaged in learning tutorials with engaging graphics, audio narration, intermittent questioning, practice opportunities and regular assessment of skills. Additionally, content understanding is solidified in a variety of ways by the classroom teachers, including teacher creation of supplemental resources and instructional tools, emailed narrative feedback on key assignments, and real-time online appointments. Student understanding of concepts is demonstrated through online work, offline activities or projects, student-created audio/video recordings, and live meetings with teachers. Weekly face-to-face tutoring is also available at public sites across the state should a student need that supplemental service.

The student-teacher-parent relationship is very important to us. While each student works at varied levels of independence with their teachers, TDA is dedicated to providing transparent educational services and opportunities for parents to contribute to the learning opportunities of their children. Progress reports and grades are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Compass and Plato environments. Additionally, classroom teachers and advisors are available to discuss the performance of their students, help parents interpret the data illustrated on progress reports, and offer assistance in refining approaches to personalized learning.

Grade Level Acceleration

Our instructional design and progress models provide students the opportunities to accelerate at their own pace. As a result, they may demonstrate the necessary skills to transition multiple grade levels within one calendar year, potentially leading to early graduation.

More Information

For more information about the Compass and Plato environments, please visit these links:

Compass: http://www.compasslearning.com/sample-activities
Plato Courseware by Edmentum:  http://www.edmentum.com/products-services/plato-courseware

Additional questions regarding the instructional design of TDA courses can be directed to:

Kristina McLaughlin
Curriculum Coordinator