TRECA Digital Academy is the only online school supported by Ohio school districts, which means any student in the state of Ohio can complete his/her education at TRECA Digital Academy.

Since our inception in 2001, the TRECA Digital Academy (TDA) realized the importance of partnerships and working with a wide variety of entities to produce an outstanding education. Starting in 2002, we extended our outreach to public schools. Through a cooperative venture, TDA has worked in one form or another with a large number of public school districts to help them bring high quality digital education to their students. Our school partnerships include:

  • Cardington-Lincoln Digital Academy
  • Findlay Digital Academy
  • Lakewood City Academy
  • Lorain K-12 Digital Academy
  • Medina Technology School
  • Miamisburg Digital Academy
  • Pleasant Education Academy
  • Ridgedale Community School
  • Urbana Digital Academy

Many of these districts formed their own digital academies and rely heavily on TDA to provide curriculum, instruction, and technical support. In turn, these districts help TDA to refine curriculum and provide ideas and insights to assist with our ongoing improvement efforts. What’s most important to remember: Any student — whether he/she resides in a TRECA partner school district or not — can attend TRECA Digital Academy.

Within the last two years, we have increased our efforts to work with various social institutions including county children services, private educational organizations, YMCA’s, youth centers, and private social support groups. Since our beginning, we have had a close business partnership with Apple Computers, Inc. These partnerships continue to expand with CISCO, Dell Computers, and Honda of North America (Marysville). We plan to expand greatly in this area within the coming year.

If you are interested in learning more about partnerships and the role you can play, please contact Brittany Rutter at (888) 828-4798 ext. 725 or e-mail her at