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Application for Full-Time Admission

Please Note: All information remains confidential. Much of this information is required by the Ohio Department of Education and is used for statistical purposes. This application should be complete. Thank you for your cooperation.

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What will be required after completing the online application?

Academy staff will begin processing your application for free online classes within one business day and will contact you ASAP regarding your application status, using the contact information you provided.

Each applicant should submit an application ONLY ONCE. If you have questions about your existing application, please contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

Records required on the day of student orientation:

  • Proof of Ohio Residency (a copy of a utility bill, rental agreement, etc. that includes the home address is acceptable; does not have to be in the student’s name). For families who do not currently have a permanent residence, please complete the Sworn Statement of Residence Form.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate, mother’s certificate or passport
  • Copy of Custody or Divorce Papers (required by state law).

Records that must be submitted within 14 days (if not available on day of orientation):

  • High School Transcript (with Grades and Credits)
  • Test Scores (with Ohio State Proficiency Test)
  • Most recent Grade Card, showing grade level attained
  • Home Schooling Documentation, if any
  • Copy of Immunization Records or Waiver (required by state law).
  • Special Needs (IEP and ETR/MFE) Documentation.


Applicants for free online classes should not be withdrawn from their current school setting until they have attended an orientation. No student is officially enrolled into TDA until they have attended an orientation.